I Am The Spark…

I have this mantra I say to myself, every morning: I am the spark, one of many, that will ignite thousands of fires and light up the world.  This serves a dual purpose for me. For one, it serves to remind me that what I do is for others first. Any benefit I receive from anything I do only helps to expand my platform so that I may reach more people. The more people I reach, the more I can – hopefully – inspire. Whether they be inspired to be more conscious, more healthy, more involved or more compassionate, moving the needle in any direction is what I seek to do, the belief being that inspiring others, will inspire others who will inspire more and so on. Positivity can be just as infectious as any virus. 

Secondly, it serves to motivate me, daily. Admittedly, there are times when I’m in a mood that’s less than joyous. Saying this mantra will shift my perspective and I will take whatever it is I’m feeling and turn it into something uplifting. Doesn’t sound too terrible unless you’re an empath and are often overwhelmed by emotion, like I am. So those days when I need this mantra come often. But, I don’t think twice about it. I take pride in what I do because I truly believe this is my purpose. Serving others through art is a pretty special gig and there’s no way I would turn this down. 

I’m sure you have something that you have to tell yourself to reach whatever goal you have in front of you or, to just make it through the day. However, the things we tell ourselves deeply impact our daily lives and how we interact with others. If your self-talk is more negative than positive, you will carry that negativity into your daily interactions with others. Vice versa, if your self-talk is more positive than negative. If we are being real honest about the subject, any self-talk or mantra or whatever you call it should be a means of motivation for you to experience all encompassing growth, professionally and personally. If you are motivating yourself to be more healthy, make sure you’re being healthier in all areas in your life, physically and mentally, as your mental health is just as important as your physical health. 

Remember, in whatever you say to yourself, to be kind to yourself and love you like only you can. Be a spark for yourself and others.

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